Life-long passion for the law- trial advocacy, evidence, fact-finding, probabilities & ethics.

- Simon Davis, Trial Lawyer & Author

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Simon Davis has studied, practiced, researched and written since 1979. He was a solicitor and barrister between 1984 and 2014.

Davis takes readers on a guided tour through the story of Keli Lane and her conviction for murdering her daughter Tegan. Along the way, Davis dispels the myths and the loose ends that have grown around the cause and conducts a fact-check of a recent ABC documentary.

This book is for readers who want an authoritative and accurate account of the Keli Lane story, and for students of law and journalism interested in the interface between media and the law.

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About Simon Davis

Before turning to writing, Simon Davis studied and practiced law for 35 years.

He completed degrees in Law and Arts (history/sociology) between 1979 and 1984 and practiced as a trial lawyer in Sydney, Australia, from 1984 until 2014.

He practiced in different areas of the law, but his principle interest was, and still is, trial advocacy and associated subjects including evidence, fact-finding, probabilities and ethics.

On Trial is Simon’s second book.  Simon’s first book In a Summer Swelter: The Charles Manson Murders is available through the normal internet retail sites.

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