My Dealings With Manson – Part 1

I’ve been asked several times if Charles Manson will read my forthcoming book, and what dealings I’ve had with him or his supporters.

Will he read the book ? I’ve often wondered myself. He is 82 yrs old, and his health is, well, fragile. He is an extreme narcissist, and my guess is that in earlier years he devoured every book that was written about him, and was probably often disappointed or angry to find that people continued to dislike him. To my observation, he has also played a bit of a cat and mouse game with the media and other commentators. It needs to be understood there are still unknowns about him and his murders, which were rather mysterious crimes in any event. He is a very evasive man. He plays his cards close to his chest and seems to delight in being able to say “nah, that writer got it wrong” as writer after writer seeks to prize open him and his murders.

I’d like him to read my book, and I’d like to think I’ve got closer than anyone to explaining and understanding him. He is bound to deny that. He has never shown the slightest remorse for his crimes, and continues to argue that his killings were excusable for one reason or another. So either way, we’ll never know what he really thinks about my book (if he does read it). So . . . will he read it ? In short, I doubt it, unless it gains some sort of momentum in terms of sales or critical acclaim. Then, and I suspect only then, he might take notice of it, read it and then scoff at it. The more he scoffs at it, the more I’ll have confidence that I got close to understanding and explaining him.

I will return shortly to talk about my dealings with his supporters in Part 2 of this post. Please feel free to ask questions, make comments etc, and thanks for taking the time to read some of my thoughts about Charles Manson.

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